These works tap into the world of digital espionage. With the left two focussing on watching and the right one on listening. The use of different senses emphasises that no one can escape, no matter what form of communication you use. In all my work, I incorporate an element of my South Asian heritage as it makes me feel more connected to the message. In this case, it also works as a double meaning, as typically in Indian communities, there is always an “aunty” watching the youths and snitching to the rest if they are doing something “scandalous”.

The far left piece talks about the modern-day cold war between North Korea and the rest of the world. The satellite image shows a work camp from NK and the old television is nostalgic of the Korean War from 1950-3. Barbed wire and a single bulb create a trapped feeling like in an interrogation which is complimented by the TV box. The cut-out screen also touches upon fake transparency – being deceived by what you see.

The middle piece has the dominant eye of providence that feels quite intrusive. This iconography originally represents God watching over humanity. By placing it inside a human head, I’ve made humans seem like they have God’s omnipresent power. The black hole symbolises the web – the darkness, the infinite possibilities, and the danger.

In the right piece, your eye is intentionally drawn towards the Louis Vuitton logo – a symbol for the rich and privileged. I wanted to stress that even the rich and famous are not immune to digital leaks…it may just be the case of one weak link. The messy wires background suggests a thought that everyone is connected digitally even if not clear at first glance.

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