Mujhe, Me, Moi

This site is a digital collection of my doodles and dreams.

After studying biology at Imperial College London, and specialising in ecology and conservation, I joined the media world working on huge EMEA campaigns for the likes of Twitch, Fuji, Pinterest and the NHS. The blogs are derived from my passions and learnings from life so can range from the effects of climate change in the Fynbos Biome to the unionisation of gaming content creators. Even exploring the intersections of my interests looking at biohacking for behavioural insights and the geometrical wonders of Hymenoptera.

My creative work can be described as fun and bold, capturing the classic British-Asian struggles that are often not featured in media in a visually provocative way. In some of my pieces I touch upon the taboo topics within Asian households that resonates with the modern children of immigrants. In others, I focus on the beauty of India’s rich culture, whether that be through Bollywood or Mehndi, in order to connect with my heritage, all the way from the Far West.